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Mission Statement

With this website we want to help individuals and companies to learn about agile ways of working in the area of medical device manufacturing and healthcare, sometimes referred to as medical technology or med-tech. We want to foster the adoption of agile principles such as test automation, test driven development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), clean code and specification by example. We also want to shed light on the aspects of collaboration as well as organizational aspects of working agile in a highly regulated environment.

Everything on this website is meant to be food for thought, rather than strict guidelines. Please treat the information provided here as starting point for your experimentation and not as the final word of your discussion(s) or even as a justification.


We want to offer suggestions based on real situations and events and use our experience and knowledge to help you make sensible decisions within your own context and with your own teams and products.


We are a group of people working in med-tech with experience in applying agile ways of working in our field. We are not representing any specific company and we are not represented by any company, agency or alliance.